Mazurek event seen as inflection point for Democrats’ opposition faction


Kristy Mazurek, the high profile Assembly candidate and muckraking journalist, has announced a campaign kickoff event that observers see as critical inflection point for the opposition faction of Democrats formerly led G. Steven Pigeon and his captains. The event will be held on Thursday, August 4th at the VFW’s Lt. Col. Matt Urban Post 7275.

The event is considered by operatives as an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the faction’s support and to informally consider who will emerge as the faction’s candidate for party chairman later this year. Pigeon is widely expected to support the individual chosen by the various factions of his coalition.

The opinion of Frank Max, the former Chairman of the Cheektowaga Democrats, will factor heavily in those considerations. Max nearly won the country chairmanship four years ago and has built a political machine inside the town that remains formidable. He is widely thought to be preparing Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux, the founder of Young Black Democrats of Western New York, for a senior position in the party.

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