A primer on Quasar’s equate

BY FRANK PARLATO ‘Equate,’ the brown, blackish, mulch-like product – with a piquant taste and curious smell – is made up of about 60 percent human excrement, mixed with other undissolved solids that once went happily down the drain after

County Executive

Poloncarz still reviewing ECC budget plan

BY TONY FARINA I wrote last week that the rubber may be close to hitting the road when It comes to the financial crisis at Erie Community College, but so far County Executive Mark Poloncarz is holding his powder over the


Union teacher learns ugly is a bad look

BY MATT RICCHIAZZI When the nationally renowned education expert Dr. Steve Perry came to town last week to speak with parents about education reform, Buffalo Public Schools teacher and union organizer Kristen Mendoza behavior was unbecoming of a professional. In


LP Ciminelli and community would gain from partnership

BY KATRINNA MARTIN-BORDEAUX   Our city has great potential to be a national model on how to architect inclusive publicly funded economic development projects, like those funded by the Buffalo Billion, to increase equity for marginalized communities and people of color. Working

NY Senate

Senator Greg Ball takes fundraising private

Former State Senator Greg Ball, a popular two-termer from the lower Hudson Valley, has taken a major annual political fundraiser private. The move follows a decision last year to forgo a reelection effort after US Attorney Preet Baharara started asking


Raising the Jury from the dead

BY JIM OSTROWSKI Jurors in this state and throughout the United States are firmly told by judges they must follow the judge’s instructions “on the law,” but in so doing, are the judges themselves following the law? Keep in mind

Housing Authority

Mayor Brown is judge, jury, and executioner

BY MATT RICCHIAZZI Attorney Ann E. Evanko, the politically connected managing partner of Hurwitz & Fine, a law firm that contributed to Mayor Byron Brown’s election efforts, will be issuing a legal opinion as to whether Commissioner Joe Mascia’s removal


A primer on jury nullification, as Pigeon indictment looms

Jury nullification occurs in both civil and criminal trials. In a civil trial, a jury nullifies by finding a defendant not liable, even though members of the jury may believe the defendant is liable. In a criminal trial, a jury nullifies by acquitting a defendant, even though the

Civil Rights

Contract Compliance Committee to protest LP Ciminelli

BY BETTY JEAN GRANT On Monday, May 9th, 2016, the Contract Compliance Review Committee, chaired by BUILD President Charlie Fisher and County Legislator Betty Jean Grant, will hold a protest rally outside of the headquarters of LP Ciminelli Construction, at