DEC launches investigation into illegal dumping in Niagara Falls

BY MATTHEW RICCHIAZZI Since The Reporter broke a story about illegal dumping at a city-operated composting facility last week, the State’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has launched an investigation into the illegal dumping. On the same day, last Thursday, Department of


At 18, Austin Harig with a bold political debut

BY CAROLETTE MEADOWS Eighteen year old Hutch Tech student, Austin Harig is young, bright, and talented. But for some, his youth is an unforgiving obstacle. Despite the cynics, Harig has demonstrated a wisdom far beyond his years. Harig participated in

Niagara Falls

Illegal dumping at composting site in Niagara Falls

BY MATT RICCHIAZZI In our business, people frequently come to us as whistleblowers troubled by what they perceive as official misconduct and yet afraid that if they blow the whistle at work they will be retaliated against. It is necessary


Hamister hotel still dormant if not dead

BY MIKE HUDSON Buffalo developer Mark Hamister was given “preferred developer” status on a valuable piece of property on Rainbow Boulevard just a few hundred yards from the state park entrance for two reasons. He could build a luxurious resort

Presidential Election 2016

Trumping the Left

BY JIM OSTROWSKI What better topic to introduce my new column in this paper than Trump’s visit to Buffalo Monday night?  So there I was, in the press pen, literally walled off from the event with no food, no booze,

Housing Authority

Mascia, Schroeder balk at BMHA mismanagement

BY TERRENCE ROBINSON In this chapter of the Mascia Chronicles we will take the reader on a hair-raising spin around the track of BMHA chicanery. Be forewarned, there are perilous curves taken at high speed, the straight aways are heart-stopping and


Ricchiazzi: Stop Higgins from screwing up the riverfront

BY MATT RICCHIAZZI Congressman Brian Higgins is urging the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority to spend $43 million to redevelop the DL&W Terminal into a light rail station. That facility would only service the six-mile line that runs along Main Street

NY Senate

Amber Small is going hard in the in 60th district

BY TONY FARINA Community activist Amber Small, a relative political newcomer, is running an aggressive grassroots-oriented campaign in her bid to win the kind of support that will help her land the Democratic Party endorsement for the 60th District State

NY Senate

Stocker slams Jacobs fundraiser, party bosses

Republican State Senate candidate and Kenmore attorney Kevin Stocker is slamming primary challenger Chris Jacobs for his fundraising behavior and close ties to party bosses in Albany. On Facebook, Stocker shared an invitation to a pricy fundraising event that lists a

Housing Authority

Mascia hearing transcripts released

The two weeks of public hearings staged against elected housing commissioner Joe Mascia — behind closed doors with cameras banned — were recorded only by transcript and not available to the public until this week. They tell a tale of political intrigue,


ECC corrective action plan avoids Quinn ouster

BY TONY FARINA Erie Community College has filed a formal response to the Jan. 14 audit report by the state comptroller that detailed a “lax control environment” established by the board of trustees that allowed college management to assume board


Cuomo pressured to veto Great Lakes water withdrawal scheme

BY JAMES HUFNAGEL Later this month, and for the second time during his five years in office, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will make a decision that has enormous implications for the future of Western New York’s water resources. The Governor will


Ambitious picture of Pridgen, or did he not go far enough?

BY FRANK PARLATO Buffalo Councilman and Pastor of the True Bethel Baptist Church, Reverend Darius G. Pridgen has evidently created and had posted on Facebook a photo-shopped, Mount Rushmore-esque image where he appears alongside Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and


Dogfighting: evil blood sport all around us

BY TONY FARINA According to the Humane Society of the United States, dog fighting is a sadistic “contest” in which two dogs—specifically bred, conditioned, and trained to fight—-are placed in a pit (generally a small arena enclosed by plywood walls)