The Black Lives Matter Movement and the 2016 Democratic Presidential Campaign


Date: Saturday, March 26Pratt Willard Community Center

Location: 422 Pratt St Buffalo, NY 14204 

Time: 12:30-2:00


Katrinna Martin- Bordeaux, Young Black Democrats of Western New York 

Joan Simmons, Niagara Frontier Movement for the Advocacy of African American Human Rights 

Lion Blyden, Universal Negro Improvement Association, Division 433 

Brian Nowak, Buffalo for Bernie

Alberto Cappas, Puerto Rican Committee for Community Justice (PRCCJ) 

Chuck Clemons, Teacher, Employed at the Outsource Center of Buffalo 

Charley Fisher, BUILD

I reached out to WNY presidential democratic campaigns for this event and have worked hard to organize it. Bernie Sanders’ national campaign reached out and his representatives will join us for this event.  I was expecting them to be in WNY ahead of the primary election, but I am humbled and surprised that the national campaign is attending!

A special thanks to: 

  • All Erie County Democratic Committee Members(current and future)
  • Tom Grace- DSA/professor/author
  • Black Bernie 4 Rochester- Shirley Thompson
  • The National Sanders Campaign-Theresa Shaffer
  • Rochester for Bernie
  • Young Black Democrats of WNY
  • Puerto Rican Committee for Community Justice
  • Outsource Training Center
  • UNIA #433 
  • Brian Nowak- Bernie Sanders for Buffalo
  • Cannabis Coalition 
  • UB for Bernie Sanders
  • Duece King- author(Pure) 
  • Neal Dobbins- (no introduction needed)
  • Willie Green- anti-violence organizer
  • Anti Racism Coalition of Buffalo
  • The Buffalo Bullet
  • The Buffalo Chronicle
  • Eddie Egriu- Businessman/contractor
  • Carolette Meadows- environmental advocacy
  • LaSaundra Smith- employment
  • Matt Ricchiazzi- urban planning and finance
  • Eriah White- Treasurer
  • Lorraine Beasley- social media
  • Jamielah Huggins- sergeant at arms(the voice of reason)
  • Marquetta Betts- secretary
  • Richard D Agustino- education
  • Sheila Johnson- anti-violence/urban affairs

There are many that I’m sure I didn’t mention (only because there are so many supporters of this movement). We are not a group of perfection, we are a group of reflection, and now we got it right.

With the approach of the New York State Presidential primary on Tuesday, April 19, area voters are paying closer attention to the campaign. The Erie County Republican Party has lined up behind insurgent billionaire Donald Trump. His campaign has been characterized by a series of racially charged statements, a reluctance to repudiate the KKK and, most recently, violence against African Americans at his political rallies. 

Among Democrats, the vote has been unevenly divided between former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Democratic Socialist and Independent, Senator Bernie Sanders. Both have conferred with representatives of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and have denounced police violence towards African American youth. Sanders also points to his record in the civil rights movement and his participation in the historic March on Washington in August 1963. 

Come and hear a variety of views from activists about how the movement and the campaign intersect. As Bernie Sanders has said of his candidacy: “Let me be very clear: the issue that they’re [BLM] raising is a very, very important one. And there’s no candidate for president that would be stronger in fighting against institutional racism and, by the way, reforming a broken criminal justice system.” 

This event is sponsored by Buffalo Democratic Socialists of America. 

Some participating organizations are not politically affiliated, and have not endorsed any political organization or candidate.

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