BLM: “Bernie, come to Buffalo”

Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux is the region’s highest profile advocate of the Black Lives Matter movement and is the Chairperson of Young Black Democrats of Western New York, a coalition of activists that has mobilized the minority community around education and economic justice issues in recent years.

Her organization, Young Black Democrats of Western New York, is planning to endorse Bernie Sanders for President of the United States of America.

Martin-Bordeaux is extending an invitation to the Presidential candidate to come to Buffalo to accept the endorsement before New York’s Super Tuesday primary “at an Eastside rally that will include hundreds of minority youth activists.”

Observers think it may even happen before the South Carolina primary.

“We want the national spotlight to be put on Hillary Clinton’s treatment of the Black community during her eight years as our United States Senator, during which she ignored the Eastside of Buffalo,” explains Martin-Bordeaux.

Martin-Bordeaux is an Erie County Democratic Party official and is a zone chairman in the Town of Cheektowaga. She is a professional nurse and one of the city’s most prominent social justice activists.

Operatives anticipate that the event could attract national attention that scrutinizes Clinton’s record in the Senate and both Clintons’ policy posture towards the Black community, which includes a horrific record of mass incarceration and banking deregulation that has decimated the minority community.

The event would come at a time when the Clintons have been propagating a misleading narrative that Hillary Clinton has strong support among minorities, which activists say is untrue.

Given Buffalo’s national reputation as a hard fallen rust belt city that is a ruin of its former self, the event would also draw scrutiny of the Clinton’s for their passage of NAFTA and other free trade policies that decimated American industry in cities like Buffalo, so that Wall Street bankers could make more money.

“The event would profoundly undermine the Clintons’ claim  that they are supportive of unions, working families, or the minority community — with the backdrop of powerful visuals of massive abandoned industrial structures,” says a local operative.



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  1. This is a major opportunity for voters of all races to see and here the facts that the Clintons have turned into lies to support their lust for dynastic political power. Folks will learn that when Bill generated budget surpluses (1996-1999) he was in fact telling America we the rich don’t want you to spend unless you borrow from my rich friends to do so.

    He consistently refused the recommendations of key economists to tell America that when the federal gov deficit spends that money goes directly to our checking accounts by way of salaries and payments for goods and services we sell to the federal government.

    What Clinton told us then, (and Hillary is repeating now with her promise to balance the budget) was the lie that the federal government had to cut spending because the debt would bankrupt America. It’s a lie. An unsupportable lie, because the federal government has the authority from Congress to issue dollars and it does so by fiat, out of thin air. The federal government can never, involuntarily, run out of dollars it creates ex nihilo.

    There are other public policy lies and distortions uttered and practiced by the Clintons, bank deregulation, welfare reform, sentencing reform, etc. Wake up Black America, White America, Brown America the Clintons support only their lust to be firmly ensconced in the ranks of the 1%. By their actions since 1992 they have not in fact given a rats ass for the working and middles class, minorities, women with children and seniors on fixed incomes.

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