Primary drama divides HQ, as Reese goes to work

Gayle Syposs, the former Deputy Elections Commissioner and City of Tonawanda Chairwoman, defected from the Hillary Clinton camp of the party and publicly announced her support of Bernie Sanders several months ago on social media.

Chairman Jeremy Zellner and his mentor, the Election Commissioner Len Lenihan, rely heavily on the support of Gayle Syposs to retain their control of the committee.

“It is totally untrue as it relates to me and a split; I support Chairman Zellner and ECDC period,” she claims. But on Facebook, her support of Sanders is unabashed and unapologetic.

Defections have also been seen in the opposition faction as well.

Local attorney and well known political saboteur, Peter Reese, is ostensibly breaking with his longtime partner in crime to support the insurgent presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders. Reese is the longtime political compatriot of the renowned operative G. Steven Pigeon, a friend and confidant of both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Reese and Pigeon are so close that some refer to Reese as “Pigeon’s brain.” With the Bolton St. James lobbyist, Camille Brandon, the triumvirate are thought to control a considerable faction of local Democrats, comprising between 20% and 25% of the governing committee’s weighted vote.

“That that circle of professional operatives would be broken over the drama of a presidential primary speaks to the passion behind Sanders’ support and the division inside the party,” says a former state legislator who asked not to be named.

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Peter A. Reese is a retired attorney and University at Buffalo trained engineer whose longtime political activities have earned him a reputation. His unwieldy style and deeply satirical tone allow him to mask loyalties and dupe aspiring candidates.


    • Gayle I took your quote from the comment and included it in the story, which is why it was removed from the comment section … If you have additional quotes that you would like to include about your Facebook endorsement of Bernie sanders or any other insight into your thinking, please do forward that. 😀

      • reposting of psotitions of Bernie Sanders does not mean an endorsement. I happen to agree with many of Sanders positions but will be circulating Hillary Clinton petitions soon. My hope all along was that the Sanders campaign would have some effect on Democrats nationally

        Gayle Syposs Tonawanda, NY

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