Common Council

Dave Howard could unseat 28 year incumbent on Tuesday

Buffalo’s Fillmore district is the city’s poorest. The historic Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood that was once the vibrant heart of the district is now commonly and laughably referred to as “Beirut, Lebanon.” The truth, however, is that Beirut is far better off


Paladino resolutions spark discussion on truancy, nepotism

This week’s school board meeting had a packed agenda. Two of board member Carl Paladino’s resolutions sparked debate on truancy and nepotism, consumed by racial overtones. Seemingly with no regard to how his resolutions would be interpreted by the black community,


Neighborhood schools hotly debated

At this week’s meeting of the Buffalo school board, there was some discussion about the prospect of neighborhood schools and ensuring that no child is forcibly bussed across the city against their will. Board member Carl Paladino is advancing the

NY Senate

New poll suggests a Stocker-Jacobs primary could be competitive

A poll conducted by several local Republicans last week suggests that a 60th State Senate district primary could be competitive. The poll surveyed 3,000 likely Republican primary voters; 39% committed for Kevin Stocker; 34% committed for Chris Jacobs; and 27% were


May school board races may attract excitement

May school board elections are shaping up to look competitive — and could determine governing control of the billion dollar a year district. In the North District, Jay McCarthy is seen as a strong incumbent who has performed strongly at

County Executive

Ray Walter slams Poloncarz for “secret criminal investigation”

By Sean McCormick, Walter Campaign Press Release (Erie County, NY) – Following the revelation of a criminal inquiry into the administration of Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, Assemblyman Ray Walter rang alarm bells about the “secret criminal investigation the County

NY Senate

Western New York will be a Senate battleground

As next year’s State Senate elections approach in the distance, the fog is clearing to reveal a political landscape that will make Western New York a central battleground for control of the chamber. Typically five or six seat are competitive


Will Kriner Cash start hiring MBAs to turnaround failing schools?

Buffalo is a city full of hope that newly installed Superintendent Kriner Cash can provide leadership in a district that is badly in need of sweeping reform. With new receivership powers over the district’s most chronically underperforming schools, Cash has unprecedented abilities

NY Senate

Poll has Stocker defeating Panepinto in landslide: 56% to 34%

In a head to head matchup between freshman State Senator Marc Panepinto and his likely opponent Kevin Stocker, Panepinto would be defeated by the popular Republican in a landslide: 56% to 34%. Panepinto has long been considered the weakest incumbent

Seneca Nation

Seneca Nation needs a dynamic CEO at gaming corporation

The Seneca Gaming Corporation has been poorly served by a succession of largely unimpressive CEOs. They got by longer than they should have because an exclusivity agreement with New York State made profitability certain and lackluster performance harder to recognize. Since


Harris-Tigg’s erratic behavior raises questions

School board member Theresa Harris-Tigg has been unable to shake criticism of her erratic behavior at a public meeting earlier this year, where she inexplicably had a row of Paladino supporters removed. A video of the incident has surfaced, raising


Will the University at Buffalo be ready for Governor Hochul?

Political operatives from both parties expect that Governor Andrew Cuomo will be indicted by the US Attorney’s office on January 2nd of next year. Preet Bharara is said to have “hundreds of hours” of wire taps probing the Governor, his operatives, and some of


Undeterred, Paladino advances reform strategies

This month’s last school board meeting was a major win for Carl Paladino, achieving passage of two major policy resolutions and reaffirmation of the board’s support of neighborhood schools — the cornerstone objective of the reform coalition. On establishing a


Continued stagnation necessitates statehood for northern New York

The release of recent economic data reveals that the widely decimated Cuomo administration propaganda that suggests that “Buffalo is Booming” has been a complete hoax, orchestrated by administration operatives with the complicity of the Buffalo News. Federal data reveals that