Perfect corruption and the slow death of innovation

By Rich Purtell Adam Smith is widely considered to be the “Einstein of modern economics” with his Wealth of Nations monumental work published in 1776. He brought forth many concepts of free market capitalism which helped to usher in an


Tea Party leader calls for US Attorney Hochul to step down

Rus Thompson, the outspoken Tea Party leader,founder of TEA NY (Taxed Enough Already), and Grand Island businessman, is calling for US Attorney William Hochul to step down from his role as the region’s top federal prosecutor. Over the last several months,

NY Senate

Panepinto refuses to step aside, causing party rift

The embattled freshman State Senator Marc Panepinto has not indicated whether or not he will step aside after a single term. Political experts say that Panepinto is among the weakest Democrats that the party could run for the highly competitive

Presidential Election 2016

Ted Cruz’s curious position on citizenship

By Brad Rybczynski Senator Ted Cruz wants to be president. He was born in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) to a Cuban born father and American born mother. He contends, and from all of the research I have done, rightly so, that children

NY Senate

Panepinto gets berated by activist at SCOPE meeting

SCOPE member and gun rights activist Nick Orticelli had tough words for Senator Marc Panenpinto, who is trying to manage quite a pivot to cast himself as a supporter of the second amendment. At a recent SCOPE meeting, Panepinto presented himself

NY Senate

Will Supervisor Benczkowski run for State Senate next year?

Diane Benczkowski won the Cheektowaga Democratic party primary for town supervisor — guaranteeing her the office — and is already being talked about as a contender for the State Senate seat currently held by Tim Kennedy.  Benczkowski’s down to earth

Common Council

Terrance Heard challenges Pridgen on issue of urban blight

Political prognosticators say that Ellicott District Common Council member Darius Pridgen has a lot to worry about this November. A young, successful, and charismatic political newcomer — Terrance Heard — has emerged to challenge the theatrical first term Councilman who has ambitions on the


May school board elections could go either way

Political observers who follow school board politics are already postulating scenarios for next year’s May election, when six of nine board members will be up for reelection. It will be a pivotal moment, in one of two directions. The education reformers

NY Senate

Kevin Stocker is campaigning early for State Senate

Kevin Stocker, the former town prosecutor who defeated Mark Grisanti in a jaw dropping landslide primary victory last year, has been seen campaigning door to door this month — nearly twelve months ahead of next year’s election for State Senate. Stocker