Urban Design

It’s time to think beyond the Scajaquada Expressway

One of the most profound urban design mistakes in Buffalo’s history has been our treatment of Scajaquada Creek. In Black Rock, the creek winds though industrial brownfeilds and functions as a sewage ditch — with all of the runoff pollutants from

County Executive

Will Walters pull out if fundraiser disappoints?

The little known right wing Assemblyman Ray Walter is running for County Executive, as of yet. Incumbent Mark Poloncarz has over $400,000 in his campaign account and the backing of the Democrat party organization, despite upsetting some segments of organized

Campaign Finance

Does a caged bird sing?

Western New York’s political world has been inalterably rocked today with the issuance of search warrants at the homes of the renowned political operative G. Steven Pigeon, and two others: former Deputy Mayor Steve Casey and Chris Grant, Congressman Chris Collins’ Chief

Common Council

Justice O’Donnell is dragging his feet on BMHA ruling

Mayor Byron Brown’s five appointments to the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority’s board of commissioners were made illegally, alleges the tenant elected Housing Commissioner Joe Mascia. In accordance with the articles of incorporation that govern the authority, Commissioners are to have

Common Council

Does Darius Pridgen have trouble with his base?

Council President Darius Pridgen has political problems with the base of support that elected him. A wealthy pastor of one of the poorest congregations in the city, the Councilman’s expensive tastes, flamboyant style, and coziness with the city’s most wealthy


On education, is it really ‘for the children’?

By Budd Schroeder By the time this column is published, the school districts will have their elections for the budget and school board members.  The general consensus is that there are problems in the educational systems.  Administrators and unions keep saying