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Democratic organization fractured hard, as Coppola breaks to support Grisanti

Former State Senator Al Coppola has endorsed Mark Grisanti, throwing the Democratic Party organization into disarray — instigating feverish bickering among top party operatives. Coppola, a long retired eleder statesman in local Democratic politics, nearly defeated Marc Panepinto (the party’s curiously endorsed


Higgins’ non-position on Syria created ISIS, says Weppner

Our local Congressman, Brian Higgins, serves as the most powerful Democrat on the House Homeland Security Subcommittee that oversees the National Security Agency and the nation’s intelligence apparatus. He simultaneously serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and receives regular

Erie County Democrats

Next Elections Commissioner should be a woman, activists say

Many female activists in the local Democratic Party organization are disappointed that Chairman Jeremy Zellner has nominated Len Lenihan, the former Chairman, for the position of Elections Commissioner. They were hoping that the next Commissioner would be a woman —


Gun confiscation targets veterans in Grisanti-Cuomo SAFE ACT

By Mike Madigan Since the SAFE Act was enacted over 41,000 SAFE Act reports have been filed against individuals deemed depressed, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, mentally ill and or dangerous to themselves or others. The SAFE Act requires counselors


Buffalo News: “Higgins is playing small ball in the big leagues”

By Mike Madigan The following are quotes from the Buffalo News’ Washington Bureau chief Jerry Zremski, who coincidentally is also the President of The National Press Club. The article is linked here. Zremski offers a stinging criticisms of the Congressman, who has served for 10 years


National discourse puts Weppner win within reach

The nation’s public discourse of late has been consumed by two subjects: the public health risk posed by Ebola; and the collapse of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy in Iraq. Almost all political experts agree: this upcoming midterm election will


The Albright Knox can transform Niagara Falls

Our region’s most renowned art museum boasts an enormous collection so large that only up to 3% of it can be displayed at any given time. The institution is considering an expansion, and finds itself landlocked at its Delaware Park


In book, Cuomo touts bullying Grisanti into gay marriage

By Mike Madigan Today’s Buffalo News reviewed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent book release, and details behavior by both Cuomo and Senator Mark Grisanti that many political observers say “demonstrates serious character defects in both.” The revelations may influence the outcome of the

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Panepinto staffers got stiffed, in more ways than one

Sources say that a dozen or so campaign staffers who had worked on Democrat Marc Panepinto’s State Senate campaign during the primary phase haven’t been paid for their work. The former campaign workers say that Panepinto had represented to them

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Grisanti Breach of Trust

By: Mike Madigan The following Letter is from Mark Grisanti’s office to an acting service member. In the letter Grisanti detailed his passionate opposition to the SAFE Act. This letter was sent by Grisanti just prior to his yes vote