Riverbend 2.0: towards a stronger economic development strategy

The Cuomo Administration’s partnership with Elon Musk’s Solar City makes sense. Public capital for property, plant, and equipment can, indeed, help the firm achieve an immediate production scale, allowing it to produce at a low enough per unit cost to


NBC doesn’t understand Sunday morning television

Media observers say that Charlie Rose, the unparalleled practitioner of the long form interview, can save the imperiled brand that Tim Russert built. Rose is known as a masterfully inquisitive and curious conversationalist, whose non-threatening but still serious and intellectual style have secured him


Highway removal is key to harbor development

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC) has been criticized for advancing a development plan for Buffalo’s outer harbor that includes small cul-de-sacs of exclusive luxury housing that privatizes much of the publicly owned parcel. The announcement comes after weeks of


WGRZ: Real news, or infotainment?

Our local NBC broadcast affiliate, WGRZ Channel 2 News, has been making marketing decisions as of late that seem to fundamentally devalue the broadcaster’s journalistic brand. After years of criticism that the station favors particular politicians based on the magnitude

NY Senate

Will Grisanti step aside for the party?

In a stunning — but not all together unexpected — upset defeat, Sen. Mark Grisanti lost the Republican Party’s nomination for the 60th district Senate Senate seat that he now holds. While he continues to have the endorsement of the


The Chronicle on Think Twice Radio

Celeste Lawson, the host of Biz, Bites, and Buzz on Think Twice Radio, was kind enough to invite me on last week to discuss The Buffalo Chronicle, the state of politics on the School Board, and the challenges our city faces in


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