Facebook is trying to alter your mood

In a shocking revelations exposed in The Atlantic, Robinson Meyer writes that Facebook administered studies that aim to alter users’ mood by virtue of the content that is funneled into their newsfeed. From his article, Everything We Know About Facebook’s Secret Mood Manipulation Experiment,


The pitchforks are coming

In a featured article on Politico, Seattle based venture capitalist Nick Hanauer warns that “the pitchforks are coming” for him and his “fellow plutocrats.” He notes the stark wealth inequality in America: “At the same time that people like you

NY Governor

Astorino releases new ad hitting Cuomo on taxes, jobs

The Republican candidate for Governor Rob Astorino, distributed a video to supporters via email last week. In the TV-style spot, Astorino hits Cuomo for dodging property taxes on his girlfriend’s Westchester County home, which real estate experts value between $1.5 and $1.8 million. The assessment